Learning Center

Learning Center


Rotary Academy

Learn about the Rotary Academy.

Rotary Academy Chair: Pam LeMay


Leadership 101

Learn about Rotary leadership.

District Assembly

The district assembly prepares incoming club leaders for their year in office and helps them build their leadership team. It is also an opportunity for district leaders to create working relationships with club leaders.

View the public relations presentation from the June 2010 District Assembly.

Program University

Get current information about great speakers to make your club programs more relevant and fun!


Learn more»

Welcome to the D5030 Leadership Navigator

With this tool we have eliminated countless pages of books, manuals and unwieldy binders bringing to you real time, relevant information essential to your work as Rotary club leaders! The Leadership Navigator is intended to serve as an easy to use resource center as you begin your work as club presidents-elect, club presidents, club leaders as well as district assistant governors.

Current Presidents 

Valuable information for 2012-13 Presidents (including the Leadership Planning Guide).

Presidents Elect

Filled with Information  about upcoming training for the 2013-14 year and PETS/PRE-PETS.

Assistant Governors

All of the relevant material for AG Training AND AGs assisting club leaders.

Developing Tomorrow’s Rotary Leaders

Discover leadership development tools for both club and district level leadership.

Learn more  about the RI Leadership Plan »

Club Visioning

A District 5030 exclusive – Help your club “get back on track” as well as develop a one, three and five year plan.

Develop tactial and strategic plans for the future.

For more information contact the D5030 Club Visioning Co-Chairs: clubvisioning@rotary5030.org


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