Antigua/Barbuda: Building Technology

  • Newport students built the computers and set up the lab.

  • Students were given dictionaries, then introduced to their new computer lab.

  • Students learned to make their own network cables, building self-sufficiency into the program.

Antigua/Barbuda: Building Technology

The smiles on the students’ faces when we tell them we came from America to give them their dictionaries. We also tell them about Rotary and that it is because of Rotary that they are getting dictionaries. What a thrill! Imagine their feelings when they are told they can put their names in the book because for most of these kids this is the first book they have owned.

  • Seeing the computers being well maintained and used effectively.
  • The inquisitiveness from the local teachers as our students taught them how to better maintain computers, monitor their use and keep the networks operational.
  • The fact that the First Move has proven to increase math comprehension, strategy and thinking skills and, amazingly, caused attendance to increase on “Chess day” because the children don’t want to miss school when it’s chess time.
  • Seeing the expression and the Director of Education’s face when we unveiled the video teleconferencing system with the school in Barbuda live on the screen. It was priceless.

This $80,000 project featured two Rotary Foundation matching grants; one with the BBRC for $60,000 and one with RCKD for almost $20,000. All travel costs were paid by the participants and are not included in this amount. The funding, in addition to travel was provided by:

  • BBRC
  • RCKD
  • The Ballantine Family Fund
  • Rotary district 5030
  • A matching grant from Rotary International

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