Jag’s Journey from Delhi to Seattle

  • Jagriti husband’s PhD graduation ceremony in Sydney, Australia.

  • Christmas party in Sydney, Australia.

  • Jagriti hiking outside of Seattle with her husband Avishkar Misra.

Jag’s Journey from Delhi to Seattle

Twenty three years ago, Jagriti (Jag) Misra, dined out with her family at a hotel in Dehli, India where she grew-up. She walked past one of the hotel’s conference rooms that prominently displayed a large Rotary banner outside the room. As a very inquisitive young woman, Jag cautiously opened the door and poked her head inside. “I saw a room, which consisted mostly of men, very nicely dressed, laughing and socializing in a welcoming environment,” Jag said. “That’s the moment I realized I wanted to be part of this interesting group and someday join Rotary International.”

Just a few months later, Jag traveled with her family through a rural village when she saw another Rotary banner. This time, instead of inside a hotel conference room, these same friendly looking men and women had ditched the suits and were in t-shirts assisting in distributing emergency aid to people struck by a recent calamity. “I better understood what those smartly dressed people at the hotel conference center did,” Jag said. “They helped others, particularly people in need.” After the Rotary encounter in the village, Jag researched more about Rotary to learn about the international organization and its mission.

Throughout Jag’s life – from growing-up as an only child to parents who are university professors, to graduating college in mechanical engineering in India, to working as an engineer in Sydney to moving to Seattle –  she kept her Rotary dream alive. After moving to Seattle, Jag fulfilled her childhood dream of joining Rotary International and knows all about its mission, values and role in the world.

“I am so honored to be part of the Seattle International District Club,” she said. “I love the ability to give back and be part of a community and organization with a higher purpose.” Additionally, Jag is grateful for the people she has met and encountered in her club, in particular other women who she counts as mentors.

Currently, one of the aspects Jag treasures most about Rotary is the consistent opportunity for her to give back through service opportunities, particular volunteer actives that support children. Two organizations Jag volunteers with are Treehouse, a Seattle based nonprofit that offers a wide variety of support for foster kids, and Bailey Gatzert, an elementary school where she reads books to students.

Additionally, Jag was able to use Rotary as way to launch into her new life in Seattle. Her husband’s work brought them to the Pacific Northwest. After joining the Seattle ID Club, she started working as a CAD Analyst at Microsoft Research, where she likes the challenging nature of her work. Jag looks forward to continue participating as a Rotarian in Seattle. “I am also really happy that there are more women in my Rotary Club than the initial one in India I popped my head into 20 years ago.”

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