How Much It Costs To Build A House

With so many building contractors in Adelaide, it’s hard making a hiring decision and estimating building costs. In this guide, we’re going to look at the factors affecting construction prices. We also reveal hidden costs that many are not aware of. Because we love Home Building Construction News.

What’s the Cheapest Option?

For people building on a budget, affordable options are available. Large properties are costly to build. Therefore, to save big bucks, stay small. Flooring, roofing and site works are huge expenses.

Surprisingly, you can build a 3-bedroom house with a spacious lounge, dining room and master bedroom without breaking the bank. Use cheap building materials to cut costs. If you’re cash-strapped, avoid exquisite designs.

Under no circumstances should you work with a low-cost builder. Instead, hire a reasonably priced contractor who’s experienced and has an impressive track record.

Building per Square Metre

Homes are built in terms of dollars per square metre ($/m2). The calculation is simple. Take the total building cost and divide it by the total floor space. When it comes to price per square metre, custom-built homes are more expensive than project homes.

Additional Costs to Consider

Losses and regrets are likely if hidden costs aren’t taken into account. It’s difficult to estimate building costs if you’re in the dark about your land and build. Use this as a starter guide:

  1. Soil Quality – If the soil is complex to work on (stones, clay, boulders, etc.), expect costs to rise.
  2. Block’s Slope – There are minimal charges for a flat block. Sloping blocks attract extra fees.
  3. Soil and Outline Test – Done to determine the soil’s quality and block’s contour.
  4. Fire and Flood Prone Areas – Properties with a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) incur additional costs. A property in a flood-prone area is costly because measures are taken to avert deaths during flooding.

Bigger Houses, Higher Costs

4- and 5-bedroom houses are quite expensive. What makes these structures costly is the floor space they occupy. Factor in site fees, flooring and roofing to approximate the full project expenditure.

Why Are Builders Costly?

Most people prefer small-scale builders to large construction companies. Aspiring homeowners think builders are an affordable option. But there are other costs involved:

  • Home Design – First, you need to hire an architect to design your home. Architects don’t come cheap.
  • Materials – Construction companies purchase materials in bulk. Often, they’re happy to use inexpensive alternatives. Unscrupulous builders ask you to purchase building materials. Because you don’t know the best and most affordable merchants in town, wrong choices and money losses are inevitable.
  • Project Manager – Besides an architect, a project manager is needed to manage the build.
  • Labour – Builders hire subcontractors because they don’t have sufficient in-house workers. That increases labour costs.

Get Quoted for Building Costs

Few companies reveal their prices online. You’re required to call or visit their offices to obtain an estimate. Don’t be swayed by dirt-cheap quotes. Make sure you’re getting the best value for your hard-earned money. Employing a builder who has no successful projects under his belt is pouring money down the drain. Learn how to find an expert builder.

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